Centre for DaNce and Performing ARts Production in Sardegna

⟶ FUORIMARGINE- Centro di Produzione di danza e arti performative is the expression of an articulated artistic field, thanks to a flexible and welcoming structure of different directions and personalities, attentive to research and experimental dance. It supports and produces artists characterised by a professional path already strong in international collaborations and recognitions who, starting from the investigation of the body and movement, use multiple linguistic codes, interacting with the complex network of expressive and symbolic forms of contemporary art. Within the framework of a differentiated action, it creates new space for young dancers and performers who have a relationship with the territory – birth, residence or affinity – providing the opportunity to corroborate their training and to benefit professionally from encounters with choreographers, curators and performers from different and rich artistic experiences.


⟶ In everyday language, the margin stands for the definition of a space or the separation of two places that, in a bijective way, identify dimensions and contours of a property. These are relations of possession that tend to connect areas to people, in order to define their identity and in time stabilise a power that justifies their use. The margin does not have its origin in nature but in social relations that establish hierarchies. In nature there are no margins. Those elements that in history have often been used as boundaries – rivers, seas, lakes – in nature had a pre-eminent function of connection and transmission.


⟶ BEING OUTSIDE THE LIMITS means refusing a defining logic of a univocal, categorising and stable identity, but proposing oneself as a dynamic and processual element, capable of encompassing within itself multiple expressive, linguistic and communicative differences. It means escaping a scanning of time limited to the present moment and its foundation in the custom of the past, and projecting oneself towards the future of a design to come. To change into an attitude of responsible inclusiveness and perspective.

Sa Manifattura_Cagliari. Foto Laura Farneti

Staff & Collaborators

President: Attilio Falchi
Artistic direction: Momi Falchi and Giulia Muroni
Coordination: Tore Muroni
Technical direction: Giacomo Sanna
Production and staging Serena Trevisi Marceddu
Secretariat and organisation: Carla Bocchetta and Francesca Massa
Communication: Valentina Pau
Technical support: Filippo Cossu
Contacts Nuoro: Valeria Polimene
Visual identity and design: Subtitle
Photography: Laura Farneti – Le pomme Piccolo Studio di Fotografia Mobile
Video: Massimo Gasole


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