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Sa Manifattura

Viale Regina Margherita 33, Cagliari


A former industrial complex located in the heart of the city.

A multipurpose and heterogeneous cultural centre that permanently hosts various entities such as Fuorimargine – Centro di Produzione della Danza e delle Arti Performative, Sardegna Teatro TRIC Teatro di Rilevante Interesse Culturale, Fondazione Sardegna Film Commission and NAS New Animation in Sardegna, Is Mascareddas teatro di figura in Sardegna and others.

Room 201off | Sa Manifattura

Sala off is of irregular rectangular shape, dim: 17×8.45/9.50mt. The stage space, with wooden trusses, has a variable geometry.

The hall has an under-carpet, a 10×9.50mt dance floor and a non-fixed staircase. Along the left and back walls are windows of various sizes, which look onto a garden and can be darkened. The walls are white but the stage box can be completely darkened and quilted in black.

Height under beam: 3.50mt
Depth: 10.00mt variable
Width from wall to wall: 8.50mt variable


Load Kw 18/3 phase+N+T

For further details and requests, please contact
Serena Trevisi Marceddu
Tel +39 329 3623359

Photo: Laura Farneti

TEN | Teatro Eliseo di Nuoro

Via Roma 73, Nuoro

TEN has a seating capacity of 610. It has an unloading area in the auditorium and the possibility of parking even large vehicles near the unloading area.

Number of seats: 460 (stalls, including 3 disabled seats) 150 (gallery).
The safety lighting system (led step lights) cannot be switched off during performances.

The control room is located at the end of the gallery at a distance of 23 mt from the proscenium line. The position is wired with two DMX512 outputs (with Martin Rs 485 splitter on stage right side), Roland digital audio multicore 32 IN / 8 OUT with appropriate converter for analogue systems and a CAT5 cable that can be used for internet connection if necessary.

The control room can be connected to the stage via a one-channel INTERCOM system. The lighting of the auditorium and the opening/closing of the curtain can be controlled both from the stage and from the direction via special keypads.


– proscenium width: 8.47 mt
– proscenium height: 7.50 mt
– stage width: mt
– stage depth: mt 5.65 curtain-backdrop
– proscenium depth (not covered by trellis): mt 5.10
– proscenium width (not covered by trellis): from mt 14.36 to mt 10.96
– height of the stage from the auditorium: mt 1.30
– trellis-height stage-floor: mt 13 – slope: 4%
– height stage-first balcony: from mt 6.64 to mt 6.44
– height stage-second balcony: from mt 9.79 to mt 9.59


– The trellis is with metal staves and interlocking spools (see photo)
– total number of cuts: 40
– number of cuts that can be used in the total length of the trellis: 30
– distance between cuts: 7 cm
– width of metal beams: 13 cm
– trellis-ceiling distance: 190 cm (under truss) 256 cm (ceiling)


– Right-hand side: electric curtain with push-button control
– Right-hand side: wall-mounted remote control/cable for hall trusses
– Right side: stage and projection screen American motor panel
– Right side: stage service lights
– Right side: intercom
– Right side: hall light keypads
– Right side: LAN socket for Internet access


TEN is equipped with:
N°1 Robert Juliat Tivoli 24 ch Dimmer in the under-stage area
N°1 Robert Juliat Tivoli 24 ch Dimmer in the second gallery
N°1 fixed motorised truss in the hall, 12m, 8 returns 16A under-stage
N°1 fixed motorised truss in front of the stage arch, 8mt, 8 returns 16A
N°2 mobile motorised trusses (trellis area) 10m, 8 returns 16A each second balcony
N°1 mobile motorised truss (trellis area) 9mt, 8 returns 16A second gallery
N°1 mobile motorised duo truss (trellis area) for the backdrop

All the theatre’s returns arrive in the under-stage and are distributed in:

(8) American theatre returns
(12) stage left returns
(12) stage right returns
(6) returns first balcony left
(6) returns first gallery right
(6) returns second balcony left
(6) returns second gallery rx (6) returns trellis
(4) returns former control booth – projection room

On the left side of the stage there is:
N°1 wall-mounted power box equipped with:
n°1 63A pentapolar socket (3P+N+E), n° 1 32A pentapolar socket, n°1 16A pentapolar socket, n°1 16A four-pole socket and N°2 16A single-phase sockets. In the underfloor there is a 63A powerbox with n°12 direct 16A.

In the underfloor there is: n°1 63A power box equipped with n°12 CEE 16A sockets


The theatre is equipped with n°4 single dressing rooms and one large room


For further details and requests, please contact
Giacomo Sanna
Tel +39 393 5655917

Associazione Culturale Spaziodanza
via Cornalias 24, Cagliari 09121
partiva iva: 01691040925
PEC: associazione.culturalespaziodanza@pec.it

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