Maurizio Montis

White Noise-prima studio



⟶ Friday 28 April, 9.30pm
⟶ Saturday 29 April, 9.30pm
⟶ Monday 1 May, 7.30pm
Sa Manifattura, Cagliari

Starting from the literal meaning of the term, ‘senseless bustle, source of distraction, confusion’, we go in search of what most disturbs the human psyche: its fears.

And without further periphrasis, one thinks of one of the phobias that most unites us, that resonates more or less constantly in our minds: death.

What is our reaction when faced with it? Do we seek its escape? Or are we attracted to it? And what attracts us? White Noise translates, then, into a constant and noisy re-examination of death, its consequences and our response to it.

Everything is placed under the magnifying glass, the intellect re-evaluates its certainties, what used to be insecurities turn out to be important foundations on which to base our everyday life, everything becomes nothing and the ugly becomes beautiful. Nothing comes to an end, and nothing ever comes to a conclusion: uninterruptedly, everything comes down in succession.

An annoying, inde!nite noise whose origin we do not know, which eats us alive until we disappear.

The dancers were asked to reflect on an important fear of theirs, and how they would react to it. There was no common response to either question: they spoke of death, loneliness and abandonment, of family, dizziness and heights. But even more peculiar were the reactions they came up with: not only flight, denial and withdrawal, but also minimisation, search, attraction and sexualisation of the phobia discussed. The White Noise was then translated into movement.

We started with not dancing: walking in space in relation to others as a form of listening and projection of one’s self onto the bodies present; and the simple step helped us to understand how to make the Noise into movement: we then noticed numerous repetitions and resonances, common and shared reverberations that highlight the constancy and the confused and uninterrupted disturbance. There is no single individual fear, but an actual list, which led to the imitation of the repetitions of others, resulting in an in!

Everything was accompanied by simple musical support: there is always the same track, processed and reworked.

By: Maurizio Montis
With: Giuseppe Sanniu, Chiara Mura and Luca Cappai