Flora Gaudin e Nicola Vacca

La Fièvre d’un dimanche après-midi

07.03, 2024, Cagliari

⟶ 7 March 2024
Sa Manifattura, Cagliari

Sunday Afternoon Fever

Two prone beings in a living room. They love each other despite the fallibility of their relationship.

How much time have they spent together? They are there in an attempt to (re)find themselves and despite all their efforts, they “fail”.

Through the attempt to rediscover a dance lived in the past, La Fièvre d’un dimanche après-midi explores the failure that can afflict relationships, the fragilities that sustain them and the great catastrophes that shape them. This “duo” for two dancers and one dancer is amplified by Paul Ramage’s live sound device: vinyl platters, answering machines, magnetic tapes and radios; sound sources that enrich the memory of a missed love.

Nicola Vacca is a Paris-based artist. Co-director of the Compagnie Caminante (BE), he works as a choreographer, dancer and teacher.
Flora Gaudin has been developing her choreographic work with the meta company in France, Switzerland and Belgium since 2013.

Choreography: Flora Gaudin and Nicola Vacca
Musical composition and realisation: Paul Ramage
Dance: Maria Montero, Flora Gaudin and Nicola Vacca
Choreography assistance: Violette Angé
Costumes: Sarah Delattre
Set design: André-Noël Gaudin
Lighting: Hugues Girard
Production and administration: Geoffrey Boissy (BE) – Compagnie Caminante, Arythmie – Virginie Pasquier (CH) – compagnie meta, Sylvie Becquet – Development Consultant
Production: compagnie meta (CH/FR), Compagnie Caminante (BE)

Co-Productions: Fuorimargine, Centre de Production Chorégraphique (IT), Les Brigittines (BE), Pôle Création Chorégraphique de la Fondation Royaumont (FR), Le SPOT (CH), Residenzzentrum Tanz+ (CH)

Support: Danse à tous les étages (FR), Point Ephémère (FR), Le MARNI (BE), Le 140 (BE), Le Regard du Cygne (FR), La pépinière de chorégraphes – Compagnie Fêtes Galantes (FR).