Marco D’Agostin

Gli anni

18-19/09/2023, Cagliari


⟶ Monday 18 September, 9pm
⟶ Tuesday 19 September, 9pm
Sa Manifattura, Cagliari

Someone once wrote that there is an unbridgeable distance between what once happened and the way it appears to us now, cloaked in a strange unreality. The choreography of Gli anni is constructed to attempt to mend this tear: the incandescent story of an individual – Marta Ciappina, a unique performer in terms of artistic itinerary and technical peculiarities on the Italian dance scene – invites the spectators to play with their own memory. Marta’s body and the eyes of those watching her embark on a journey that shuttles between the present – the moment of the performance, an unrepeatable romantic encounter – and everyone’s past, in a web of comings and goings that blurs stories, songs and memories. The shadow of a novel stretches slowly across stage and audience: the invitation is to write it together, a hundred-handed work that exhorts us to cross the ruins looking upwards.

Creation: Marco D’Agostin
With: Marta Ciappina
Soundscore and graphics : Luca Scapellato
Lighting: Paolo Tizianel
Conversations: Claudio Cirri, Lisa Ferlazzo Natoli, Paolo Ruffini
Video editing: Alice Brazzit
Set design: Piccolo Teatro di Milano – Teatro d’Europa
Production: VAN
Co-producers: Centro Nazionale di Produzione della Danza Virgilio Sieni and Fondazione CR Firenze, ERT / Teatro Nazionale, Piccolo Teatro di Milano | Teatro d’Europa, Fondazione I Teatri Reggio Emilia / Festival Aperto; Snaporazverein
support: L’arboreto – Teatro Dimora; La Corte Ospitale – Centro di Residenza Emilia-Romagna; CSC / OperaEstate Festival Veneto; Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Colonia; MiC-General direction of performing arts and tanzhaus nrw, Düsseldorf, as part of the NID international residencies programme

Duration: 55′

Her life could be depicted by two perpendicular axes, on the horizontal one everything that happened to her, she saw, she heard in every moment, on the vertical one only a few images, sinking into the night

Annie Ernaux, Gli anni