Gloria Dorliguzzo

Dies Irae

06-07/04/2024, Cagliari

⟶ Saturday 6 April, 6pm
⟶ Sunday 7 April, ore 18.00
Sa Manifattura, Cagliari


The state of nature is followed by power, persecution; violence remains omnipresent throughout the history of mankind. Violence creates chaos and coercive order creates violence.
In the human being, the body is his instrument, the object is the weapon with which he creates his ideal.
On the one hand a ferocity directed towards an end in which collective participation emerges, on the other a violence, self-generated, uncontrollable: Dionysian creativity.

The body constantly responds to this destructive drive by trying to overcome the fear of death. In close relationship with power, the sound of these events cannot but be disarming, tragic, absolute.
Galina Ustvolskaya (1919-2006), nicknamed ‘Woman with the Hammer’, the living embodiment of the Resistance, knew this well. A pupil of Shostakovich, she soon distanced herself from the maestro, guilty in her eyes of having accepted compromises with the Stalinist dictatorship, not sharing its duplicitous and ‘non-pure’ attitude.

On the contrary, the composer shows herself to have a compact morality, pursuing a compositional quest that tends towards a strong reduction of material towards an ideal of drastic essentiality. Her music is continuously questioning, absolute and extreme; Galina chooses repetitive, hammering frameworks for her scores.
The sound is interrupted, obsessive and stony, sometimes excruciating in its dissonant sound explosion.

Dies Irae’ will be a concert resulting from a five-day workshop with the aim of leading a group of women of all ages to interpret Galina Ustvolskaya’s musical work.
The rhythm of metal on wood and anvil will give life to a performative concert in which actions, movements and gestures will allude to a mysterious ritual in an idea of intimate liberation from standardising powers.

Full price: 10€ – Reduced price (under 25/over 65): 5€

333 343 4144

Creation: Gloria Dorliguzzo
Music: Galina Ustvolskaya
Choreography: Gloria Dorliguzzo
Music director: Gianluca Feccia
Light designer: Andrea Sanson
Sound engineer: Francesco Vitali
Production: Fuorimargine – Production Centre for Dance in Sardinia

Duration: 25′