Lucrezia Maimone



⟶ Friday 28 April, 9pm
⟶ Saturday 29 April, 9pm
⟶ Monday 1 May, 7pm
Sa Manifattura, Cagliari

A creature enters rolling from eternity, a little clumsily falls and resurrects each time. One is similar to a woman but with a thousand arms. Another is a very tall thief with a tiny head, half a body and one arm. Then one more, an ocean monster whose breathing produces the ebb and flow of the sea.

Zoology is a choreographic research project for the creation of various imaginary beings of a zoolatric nature. A horrifying and fantastic bestiary of wonders, in which the natural habitat for each imaginary being is recreated.

Staging: Lucrezia Maimone
Concept, staging, choreography and costumes: Lucrezia Maimone
Realisation of props: Lucrezia Maimone and Vinka Delgado
Lighting design and realisation: Riccardo Serra
Photography: Sara Montalbano
Production: Oltrenotte
Project winner of the competition ABITARE 2022 (Andria, Apulia) by Equilibrio Dinamico
With the productive support of: Teatro Pubblico Pugliese, Municipality of Andria,
Castel dei Mondi Festival
In collaboration with: San Riccardo Diocesan Museum
With the support of: RIZOMI Residence curated by Tersicorea (Carloforte, Sardinia), MIC / Ministry of Culture

Duration: 20 min.