Maurizio Montis – Giuseppe Sanniu

White Noise

8-18/02, 2024, Cagliari

⟶ 8 – 18 February 2024
Artedanza – Il Balletto di Cagliari

From 8 to 18 February, Fuorimargine hosts Maurizio Montis and Giuseppe Sanniu in artistic residency with the performance White Noise: an open rehearsal is scheduled at the end of the residency.

On stage are Luca Cappai, Chiara Mura and Giuseppe Sanniu, the latter assistant to choreography.

The aim of White Noise is to recreate a space that is totally hanging and suspended, non-existent. Perhaps Martian. Out of the usual social and apparently surreal.
All to confront and exorcise that which most intimidates and at the same time seduces us.