Gianmaria Borzillo

Under the Influence

23/24.05.2023, Cagliari


⟶ Tuesday 23 May, 9pm
⟶ Wednesday 24 May, 9pm
Sa Manifattura, Cagliari

Under the influence is an attempt at reconstruction after a collapse.

Rebuilding a moment of splendour, awakening for sleeping characters in dialogue with the void they inhabit. The space around is but the projection of an inner landscape, and the ordinary rhythm of the action is the expression of an invisible, unknown state, a sun-drenched counterpoint populated by presences. The subjects on stage are not free, they have not chosen their place of birth or name, and their existence already has a mark on it. What is missing? How to find a free space?

Questions born of a hunger to express an interiority that has failed to find a channel of access, destroying everything. This hunger is also mine and I exorcise it here, trying to capture a mystery that is an epiphany for me and the characters, with the hope of finding each other again.



Biennale di Venezia – Directors Under 30 to Gianmaria Borzillo “for his ability to write a work in silence; the tension is sustained by a grammar of bodies that, despite the censorship imposed by the distancing typical of this historical period, has been able to make a strong and poetic impression, respecting the trend of Ravel’s Bolero, silence that becomes a voice without ever becoming a scream. We think that Borzillo’s work tries to explore new languages while remaining respectful of the grammar inherited from the great masters. Borzillo shows that the barriers of live performance have now collapsed and that theatre accepts all forms of language, without distinction, and that freedom of writing, today more than yesterday, can and must be pursued’.

Jury of the Leo de Berardinis Prize – Naples Theatre for “the original dramaturgy of silence and space constructed through a rigorous work on the dialectics of the bodies of the performers on stage. The recomposition of a place and the definition of a perimeter within which to re-establish a physical and emotional relationship are configured as a stimulating starting point for possible developments of new sensibilities and forms of language”.

Loosely based on: A woman under the influence by John Cassavetes
Direction and dramaturgy: Gianmaria Borzillo with Elena Giannotti, Matteo Ramponi
Light: Valeria Foti
Costumes: Ettore Lombardi
Sound design: Raffaele Lombardo
Assistance: Francesco Cocco
Editing and promotion: Giulia Traversi
Administration: Chiara Fava
With the support of: Mattatoio in the context of prendersi – cura (Rome, ITA) Atelier delle arti danza (Livorno, ITA)

Photo: Marco Ghidelli ↑