10-19/07/23, Prato


⟶ 10-19 July 2023, Prato

First artistic residency of Tana, a new co-production by Fuorimargine, Sardegna Teatro and Festival Tuttestorie della Letteratura per ragazzi conceived for very young children. The common thread on which all the choreographic actions and interactions with the audience are based is the house.

The house can have a thousand shapes: that of a nest, a cavity in the rock, a hole in the wood, the web of a tent or that of a spider’s web. It is not the form that contains us but the function it performs that makes our home important.

Home is a reassuring place, a place that defines an inside and an outside, a place that protects us from dangers, or what we consider to be dangers. But home also protects us from cold and heat, rain and sun, noise and silence.

It is worth experimenting with the different possibilities and learning to adapt to changing external conditions: atmospheric variations, the changing seasons and those of light and darkness. Reacting to these mutations implies action on the part of the two characters, their movements are transformed into dance, the dance is structured into choreography.

From the agreement of the two comes the desire to play and the scene opens up to the intervention of the audience, becoming the place where children can experiment/experiment, explore space,
the shapes, the sounds put into play for them and around them.

In this game of discovery, even the parent, the accompanying adult, is called upon to participate together with the child. Visual theatre, exciting, immersive, in the TPO shows the protagonist is the stage space, the images, the sounds, the colours. Thanks to the use of interactive technologies, each performance is transformed into a ‘sensitive’ environment where one can experience the fine line between art and play. Dancers, performers and the audience itself interact together exploring new forms of expression beyond the barriers of language and culture. It is well known that TPO performances use large visual sets that are transformed into interactive theatrical environments through the use of sensors and digital technologies and this is what makes them accessible to a wide international audience.

A co-production of Fuorimargine, Sardegna Teatro and the Tuttestorie Festival of Children’s Literature