Compagnia TPO


7-8/10/2023, Cagliari


⟶ Saturday 7 October, 5.30pm
⟶ Sunday 8 October, 10.30am and 5.30pm
Sa Manifattura, Cagliari


Observing nature and animals, the two protagonists find inspiration for their project: a house to build, to live in, a place to hide or simply play.
The caterpillar, the bear, the snail thus become models to imitate.
With the language of dance and the support of fabric sculptures, two characters on stage search for their possible ‘den’ to safely face the darkness of the night, the cold, the rain, the sun.
In the end, the stage space opens up to the interaction of the audience, becoming the place where the boys and girls can experiment and try themselves out, explore the shapes and sounds put into play for them.
At this moment of discovery, the adult spectator is also called upon to participate in the game.

Artistic direction: Compagnia TPO
With: Valentina Sechi, Giulia Vacca
Choreography: Sara Campinoti, Valentina Sechi, Giulia Vacca
Computer engineering: Rossano Monti
Visual design: Elsa Mersi
Sound design: Spartaco Cortesi
Sets and costumes: Livia Cortesi
Production: Sardegna Teatro, Fuorimargine – Centro di Produzione di danza della Sardegna, Compagnia TPO
With the support of: Tuttestorie Festival

Duration: 35′
max 40 places
age 2-5 years