Virgilio Sieni & Andrea Rebaudengo

Solo Goldberg Variations

24/05/2024, Nuoro

⟶ Friday 24 May, 8.30pm
Teatro Eliseo, Nuoro

Solo Goldberg Variations is the manifesto of Virgilio Sieni’s choreographic art.
An emblematic performance of his research on the body and on the languages of dance and art, it goes beyond formal approaches and codifications, playing on variations and quotations that range from dance techniques to cinema, from art history to popular culture.

Johann Sebastian Bach’s Goldberg Variations define an immaterial metric and architecture in which dance is inscribed in a continuous rethinking of the body, a body that articulates itself starting from a journey of figures taken from the history of Italian art in the period between the 14th and 17th centuries. A gestural journey that transmigrates from one figure to the next, in interweavings and chiasms, through resonances and revelations. The body assimilates the images of the past and becomes the threshold through which to reflect on the future.

“There is no linear path in Solo Goldberg Variations but a jolting from one part of the body and space to another: a work based on the recognition and renewal of the relationship between improvisation and variation, between gestures of memory and pictorial postures, overshadowings and flashes of light.

Of course, sudden. I let myself be seized by a continuous astonishment, an imperceptible becoming of being. I “unburden” the body with rigour and with fatigue and pain, as well as with lightness and a desire to cross over, I reflect on the sense of disappearance: to move in order to disappear, to become something else, to make the body weigh in order to leave only footprints and traces.

I think that the Goldberg Variations are not an invitation to dance, but an act of reflection and true experience where nothing appears but a ‘skinned’ body. That is why this work becomes a path atlas each time, an act on weaknesses, imperfections, fragilities, something that wants to pierce the body to give itself to the figure, to penetrate into the folds and the archaeology of the vertebrae, something that makes the body a tragicomic clown of today”.

Full price: 10€ – Reduced price (students/under 25/over 65): 5€

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Choreography, space and lights: Virgilio Sieni
With: Virgilio Sieni (dance) and Andrea Rebaudengo (piano)
Music: J.S. Bach, Goldberg Variations
Production: Compagnia Virgilio Sieni
In collaboration with: Fondazione Teatro A. Ponchielli Cremona, Festival Oriente Occidente
With the contribution of: Ministero della Cultura, Regione Toscana