Quintavalla, Stori, Compagnia Abbondanza / Bertoni

Romanzo d’infanzia

27/28.05.2023, Nuoro


⟶ Saturday 27 May, 11am
⟶ Sunday 28 May, 6pm
TEN Teatro Eliseo, Nuoro

Winner of the 1997/98 Stregagatto Prize
A performance for audiences aged 6 and above


Romanzo d’infanzia (Childhood Novel) is a performance in which the language of dance-theatre, normally reserved for a not very young audience, here it is proposed in a more narrative and immediate format so as to make it enjoyable also by children. Childhood is the diamond of our lives, it is rough and dazzling. It can be chipped and the power of its light dimmed. And is that bad? I don’t know, but it hurts, very badly.

If it is true that with love one can go mad, it is even more true that without love one becomes mad and unhappy. And what a disaster children are without love or with too much love. 
Among the eternally weak are children.
We believe that diversity is a right that must be asserted in every age and in every country. In short, it is always time to be on the side of the loser, the weaker. From these assumptions derives a working method that influences and defines above all the dramaturgy and the work with the dancer-actors, who are considered more important than the character, the text and bearers of precious, living human material.

This work speaks of childhood discomfort within primary-affective relationships, of the physical and psychological violence that childhood suffers at home or in institutions, of the crime of not listening to one’s children, of guilt without guilt. A dedication to all those who cannot do without love.
 Romanzo d’infanzia is a play of particular intensity and poetry, multi-award winning and acclaimed in Italy and abroad for 25 years (ETI/STREGAGATTO award 1997/98). A cult show of the Abbondanza/Bertoni Company with over 600 performances.

It moves adults and makes children laugh, which is why their presence is strongly requested, as it is a creation created especially for a young audience.

Duration: 55′

Text: Bruno Stori
Choreography and interpretation: Michele Abbondanza and Antonella Bertoni
Direction and dramaturgy: Letizia Quintavalla and Bruno Stori
Music: Alessandro Nidi
Lighting design: Lucio Diana
Sound elaborations: Mauro Casappa
Costumes: Evelina Barilli
Soundtrack: Tommaso Monza
Lighting and technical direction: Claudio Modugno
Organisation, strategy and development: Dalia Macii
Administration and coordination : Francesca Leonelli
Press Office: Susanna Caldonazzi
Communication: Francesca Venezia
Voice-over: Italian vers. Silvano Pantesco , French vers. Valentin Rossier, English vers. Marco Cavicchioli
Co-production: Teatro Testoni Ragazzi with the support of Ministero per I Beni e le Attività Culturali – Dept. Spettacolo

Photo: Marco Caselli Nirmal