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Vibrant Bodies


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Life seeks its body incessantly. And it consigns us to the turbulence of the bonds and entanglements that articulate matter: the making of the world.

VIBRANT BODIES presents itself as a small, transient tribe that thickens and disperses through collective adherence to a compromise of stability, to a sense of deterritorialisation that pervades bodies and consigns them to an ever-birthing state. The image of a corporeity that gains strength and expressive power through vibratile, irregular, frayed phenomena is positioned as the radiating core of the work.
Impregnated with creaturely emergencies, the choreography unfolds as a field of intensities, tensions and filaments that prefer lines, spirals folds and interstices to regular frames and perimeters. The cartography of an unstable world, in which the centrality of the body is reproposed in the material multiplication of anatomical and environmental events.

Rebirth in the marginality of space or prosthesis in its vertiginous centre. This is how presences are regenerated and attached. In the continuous attempt to rise from a quadrupedal gait, unbalanced to the point of drawing postures of improbable birds/angels that protect themselves from falling. Who knows whether they will be roots, legs or wings, stretched between form and disintegration, between unpredictability and expectation.

In becoming wandering, twisted, one learns to make space, to gain perspectives and unforeseen arrangements with the palate and coccyx propagating the vector opposition in wide spirals, at times vertiginous and then blurred, at the edge of the gaze, drawn in the transparency of the air.

Solitary and gnarled or gathered, and prismatic, the vibrant bodies stand poised, between things, revealing a condition that is never fully complete, exuding vulnerability but also transformation.

Always, possible, new life.

Concept and choreography: Simona Bertozzi
Dance: Arianna Brugiolo, Rafael Candela, Luca Cappai, Paola Drera, Chiara Mura, Giulia Vacca Music Simon Balestrazzi
Costumes: Serena Trevisi Marceddu
Production: Fuorimargine Centro di Produzione della Danza in collaboration with Nexus

Photo: Laura Farneti


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Photo: Laura Farneti

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