Chiara Aru

Oh my GAD!

Diggin deep into generalised anxiety disorder.

Dissecting and translating into movement the physical and mental dynamics of a condition related to Depression and GAD, the generalised anxiety disorder, which affects 5% of the population, has a fluctuating course and usually persists throughout life. Validating and living with a problem that afflicts the mind and body, fighting it with one’s own movement and dialogue with oneself. Bringing out the Dirty, the reality we pretend not to witness. Legitimise to fight. OH MY GAD! It was born out of direct experience and need to show and make understandable to the outside eye the mechanisms resulting from mood disorders: how they work and how they affect the body and mind of the sufferer. Mental disorders are incomprehensible and often invisible to the eyes of others, but for those who suffer from them they are pachyderms, especially because of the difficulty in being able to communicate this problem to others. Like asking for help in a crowd, shouting in a language unknown to them.

⟶ Chiara Aru, Cagliari 1993, is a Performer and Dancer. She studied theatre and acting at the Cada Die Teatro, where she composed her first theatrical solo “Il Calabrone”, a denunciation dossier on the Federico Aldrovandi case, and was selected in second place for the Cada die’s “Teatro in Corto” award. At the age of 20, she switched to the world of contemporary dance, training at the Paolo Grassi School of Dramatic Arts in Milan, where she obtained her diploma as a dancer in 2016 and worked with choreographers such as Enzo Cosimi, Paola Lattanzi, Michele di Stefano’s Compagnia MK, Silvana Barberini, and Billy Cowie. Since 2016 she still has the opportunity to tread the theatrical scenes with Giancarlo Biffi’s “Ecuba: ultimo Atto” and direct some choreographies of her former theatre company, before creating in 2018 her own personal Movement Research, Improvisation and Choreographic Composition Workshop, Effort, which is still growing. With Effort he presents more than five performances of his own direction and conception “This Is Effort”, “Bowling (Lust Riders”, “IN-OUT” , “DNZCNTPRNA”, “Venice Beach”. In 2020/21 she has the opportunity to work with choreographer Jacopo Jenna, tutor of Spazio Danza’s Fuorimargine frame, where she creates her Solo Performance “777” and “OHMYGAD!” Debuting as a production of the Fuorimargine Dance and Performing Arts Production Centre in 2022. Her commitment is to be able to continue teaching the approach to contemporary art in the Effort Workshop and to create works that expose often very sensitive issues.

Project: Chiara Aru
Technical assistance: Filippo Puddu-Riccardo Atzori-Enlight
Production: Fuorimargine – Production Centre for Dance and Performing Arts of Sardinia (IT)

Duration: 25′
The performance contains visual effects such as flashing lights

Photo: Laura Farneti


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Foto: Laura Farneti

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