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Karrasekare is the new production of the Igor x Moreno company, inspired by the pagan carnival traditions of Sardinia and the Basque Country.

Karrasekare is a return to the pre-Christian rituals, when the celebration of the spring solstice was not yet called carnival, when the community was not yet asked to remove the meat, but to put much more meat on the fire.

Karrasekare looks to the past and enters the future. It uses the same rhythms that have accompanied us for centuries to produce new free, fluid, queer identities.
It uproots pagan rituals from their context of origin (the street, the square,…) to pass them into the gears of the theatrical machine.

Karrasekare is a performance that vibrates with the energy of a festival, with the excitement of being together, with the risk that emerges when dances, songs and drunkenness mingle, with our sense of modesty, with the winter that has been and the blossoming that is just around the corner.

Igor x Moreno is the signature work created by choreographers Igor Urzelai Hernando and Moreno Solinas in collaboration with an extended team of other artistsə.
The works of Igor x Moreno stem from a fascination with people and what makes us such special animals.

Direction & Choreography: Moreno Solinas, Igor Urzelai Hernando
Rehearsal direction: Margherita Elliot
Performers: Marcella Mancini, Alessio Rundeddu, Matteo Sedda, Giulia Vacca, Margherita Elliot, Igor Urzelai Hernando, Moreno Solinas
Dramaturgical consultancy: Simon Ellis
Original music and sound design: Edoardo Robert Elliot
Set design & costumes: KASPERSOPHIE
Lighting design: Joshie Harriette
Project producer: Davide Pisano
Administration: Anna Paola Della Chiesa
Photography: Fabio Sau
Produced by: S’ALA & The Place,
Co-produced with: Thèâtre de la Ville, Fuorimargine, Romaeuropa, Bora Bora & Theatrefestival Boulevard.
In collaboration with: Toscana Terra Accogliente (with residencies at Anghiari Dance Hub and Armunia, and co-financed by Fabbrica Europa) & HKD – Croatian Cultural Centre

With the support of the Italian Cultural Institute of London and NID Platform, and with the sponsor of Viale s.r.l
Support: MiC – Ministry of Culture, RAS – Autonomous Region of Sardinia, Fondazione Di Sardegna.

Photo: Fabio Sau

Running time: 80′

MINIMUM ADVISED AGE: This show is not intended for children.
It will be at the discretion of the host to choose whether a minimum recommended age should be indicated and if so what it should be.

SENSITIVE CONTENT: Nudity; theatrical blood.


+39 333 343 4144

Photo: Fabio Sau

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