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Taking permission to experiment again and again, it is like ground zero. There is a dance in the past and a dance of the past, a relationship between dance and life, there is a beyond performance. The relationship is transmission, a working without knowing, permission to change the frame, an ethical imperative that is commitment, it is dedication, it is devotion. What is the future of dance? Being fugitive from the logistics of choreography!

In order for the new active to exist, something must be let go, to be in a pre-figurative practice, a practice that does not know its image, a practice that uses choreography to free dance from our gaze and simply generate an image or a space in which other forms, other voices can be uttered without being recognised.

It is like falling in love, literally melting in love, losing all sense of time and going away!

Concept and choreography: Cristina Kristal Rizzo Dance: Giulia Cannas
Lighting: Loïc François Hamelin
Costumes: Serena Trevisi Marceddu
Production: Fuorimargine – dance and performing arts production centre of Sardinia


+39 333 343 4144

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