Laura Farneti


a photographic book by Laura Farneti

in collaboration with Subtitle_studio

Residencies 2019-2022
Sa Manifattura, Cagliari & Parco Nervi, Cagliari


Restraining oneself from the ordinary perception of the world and joyfully revealing new regions of the visible, undisciplining postures and subverting perspective angles; this is how Laura Farneti’s photographic prosthesis redraws the boundaries of bodies, scanning, underlining and sometimes subtracting the conjunctions of subjects in spaces. A new territory is thus represented by this artist’s book, a meeting ground of sign trajectories – of graphics and images – where Subtitle and Laura Farneti’s montage and shaped display of events recreates imaginaries.

The subjective imaginary is often inhabited by a vision of the city landscape that, not limiting itself to the immediate observation of the single components that outline it, – the buildings, the squares, the gardens, – exceeds semantic boundaries, opening up to indefinite refractions, finding new boundaries to what can be seen, rediscovering the right to appear.

Identifying in dance this capacity for excess, inhabiting places but at the same time relocating them, finding new traits and profiles, thus translates into the generation of possibilities for artists to cross public space, claiming the vulnerability of exposure as necessary.

A plurality of bodies that, with ever new alphabets, discovers the porosity of places and assembles new assemblages of movements, images, landscapes.

Photography: Laura Farneti
Design: Subtitle
Production: Fuorimargine

Book format: 20 x 25cm
Pages: 128 + fold-out poster


+39 333 343 4144

photography reveals in this material the physionimic aspects of visual worlds which dwell in the smallest things, meaningful yet covert enough to find a hiding place in waking dreams

Walter Benjamin

Associazione Culturale Spaziodanza
via Cornalias 24, Cagliari 09121
partiva iva: 01691040925

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