Chiara Aru

Oh My Gad!

24.03.24, Napoli

▶ on Tour

⟶ Sunday 24 March, 6pm
Centro Coreografico Körper, Naples

Diggin’ deep into Generalised Anxiety Disorder.

To dissect and translate into movement the physical and mental dynamics of a condition related to Depression and GAD, the Generalised Anxiety Disorder, which affects 5% of the population, has a fluctuating course and usually persists throughout life.

Validating and living with a problem that afflicts the mind and body, fighting it with one’s own movement and dialogue with oneself. Bringing out the Dirty, the reality you pretend not to witness. Legitimise to fight.

Project by: Chiara Aru
Production: Fuorimargine – Production Centre for Dance
and performing arts of Sardinia
Technical assistance: Filippo Puddu and Riccardo Atzori

Foto: Laura Farneti