7 April, 2023

Fuorimargine becomes Centre for Dance and Performing Arts Production in Sardinia

We have become the Centre for Dance and Performing Arts Production  in Sardinia, the only centre in Sardinia recognised by the MIC – Ministry of Culture.

The new centre will be based in Nuoro and Cagliari.

As the culmination of a long artistic journey, of which the Autunno Danza Festival constituted the longest and most lasting experience, Spaziodanza will open up an opportunity for research, discovery and reworking. It will be a crossroads for creative projects, a hub where productions and hospitality will converge, the elaboration of targeted commissions and encounters between emerging artists and artists with a recognisable stamp and mature international experience.

Associazione Culturale Spaziodanza
via Cornalias 24, Cagliari 09121
partiva iva: 01691040925
PEC: associazione.culturalespaziodanza@pec.it

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