Never Stop Scrolling Baby


⟶ Friday 12 May, 9pm
⟶ Saturday 13 May, 9pm
⟶ Sunday 14 May, 7pm
Sa Manifattura, Cagliari

⟶ Performance winner of the call Danza Urbana XL 2022 Action of the Network Anticorpi XL

The performance NeverStopScrollingBaby by the trio VITAMINA / Ferreri – Sedda – Vanhaverbeke is a continuous flow of information, a game of acceleration and hormonal impulses. With its first project, VITAMINA explores the dynamics that govern our hyperconnected and superfluid reality constantly in search of the sensational, the exhilarating and the revolutionary.
The result is a hypnotic experience designed to provoke, seduce and manipulate the viewer.

The Italian-Belgian trio VITAMINA composed of Matteo Sedda, Alessandra Ferreri and Joshua Vanhaverbeke is characterised by its interest in popular culture and its online derivations, the representation of the obscene and manifestations of excess in all its forms. In VITAMINA’s work, trash becomes a fundamental aesthetic category, a key to understanding the contemporary era.

Concept and choreography: Alessandra Ferreri, Matteo Sedda, Joshua Vanhaverbeke
Artistic coordination: Alessandra Ferreri
Performance: Matteo Sedda
Sound and light creation: Joshua Vanhaverbeke
Production assistant: Céline Pasquier

Co-production: La Balsamine, Brussels (BE); KVS, Brussels (BE); Théâtre de Vanves, Paris (FR); Fuorimargine – Production Centre for Dance and Performing Arts of Sardinia (IT); S’ALA production, Sassari (IT)

Duration: 40′

An eminently contemporary addiction and a metaphor for the urgency of content consumption in our time, scrolling, the irrepressible gesture of moving from one image to another, is at the origin of their first creation

Wilson Le Personnic, Ma Culture