Cristina Kristal Rizzo

Monumentum DA

16 – 17.03.2024

⟶ 16 March, 7pm
⟶ 17 March, 5pm
Cango, Centro Nazionale di Produzione Virgilio Sieni, Florence

Monumentum DA is a dedication to the singularity of Diana Anselmo. The creation is configured as a tale, a movement of the body to the body, which intends to amplify and give space to the intrinsic possibilities of sign language, a language that has long been rendered alien and alienated by phonocentric processes of power, processes that have attempted to abolish it throughout history, a living, corporeal, human language that does not speak of margins but of new forms.

The LIS and Diana’s body are an archive of documents in continuous transformation, linguistic monuments that form a shared narrative in which the politics of a body can be brought together in a vital momentum in an attempt to open up other planes of memory and reconnect with history. The work is accessible to all, containing in its form the possibilities of being enjoyed by a hearing audience and a deaf audience. It is therefore about reconsidering the expressive potentials of bodies and opening up a space in which diversity is a pure resource in relation to the shared imaginary of a momentary collectivity.

Concept, choreography, costumes, staging: Cristina Kristal Rizzo
Performance: Diana Anselmo and Cristina Kristal Rizzo
Text edited by: Cristina Kristal Rizzo, Diana Anselmo and Laura Pante on scripts by Yvone Rainer, Jon Cage, Simone Weil, Ilya Kaminsky, CKR and more
Theoretical accompaniment: Laura Pante
Production: Fuorimargine Production Centre for Dance and Performing Arts of Sardinia and TIR Danza
With the support of MilanOltre Festival and Oriente Occidente
Artistic residencies: Kilowatt, Armunia, PARC – Performing Arts Research Centre