Nunzia Picciallo


30.01/01-02-05.02, 2024, Cagliari

⟶ 30 January – 1.2.5 February 2024
Spazio Teatrale T.Off Tersicorea, Cagliari

Fuorimargine, in collaboration with the Associazione Tersicorea, is hosting Nunzia Picciallo, a multidisciplinary artist, author and performer, in artistic residency: her creations range from dance, performance, visual arts and abstract painting.

During the residency period, the artist will hold four days of masterclasses: information and targeted tasks will be used to develop awareness of one’s body in movement, with the aim of exploring beyond our habits and comfort zones.

The masterclasses are open to both dance professionals and those without previous experience in movement.

For booking and information

333 343 4144