Irene Russolillo & Edoardo Sansonne

Fàtico Set

14/04/2024, Cagliari

⟶ Sunday 14 April, 6pm
Sa Manifattura, Cagliari

FÀTICO SET is a collective practice of listening in relation to movement, a participatory declination of the show FÀTICO: it is a meeting point between a concert and a workshop, in a shared space.

Reconstructing with the body the reality of listening: in FÀTICO SET, choreography becomes the link between two acts: the vocal-sound act with the act of listening, and between two desires: the desire to play with the desire to be moved by sound.

How would we want people to listen to these sounds, in what state of the body, in what environmental conditions? Starting from this question, during the residency, people will be invited to experience various states and configurations of the body.

For the construction of this practice, we take into account the notions of Thich Nhat Hanh’s Deep Listening and Pauline Oliveiros’ Deep Listening, but we look elsewhere for the ‘ideal’ and circumstantial way of listening to a certain vocal-musical proposal, making what the whole body feels resonate in the group, in a shared analytical and sensitive time.

Full price: 5€

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Listening gives sound a sensitive body to explore, so that one can find traces of space and time, clues to lived experiences, rhythms, consonances, and signs to decipher. Listening puts two subjects in communication, assures them that they exist for each other, and then allows them to probe beyond the grain of the voice to the secrets of the heart.

Roland Barthes, Roland Havas - Ascolto