Sung Im Her & Martha Pasakopoulou


23-30/9/2023, Nuoro


⟶ 23-30 September 2023
TEN | Teatro Eliseo Nuoro

In collaboration with S’Ala and Zeit as part of NID – New Italian Dance Platform

Fuorimargine hosts in residence Sung Im Her, a South Korean artist trained in Brussels, and Martha Pasakopoulou, an Athens-based performer, with a project in which they undress social media (Sounds, Boomerang, Icons, TikTok) in a journey to rediscover our bodies.

Sung Im Her, Lead Residency Artist, received the title ‘Dance Artist of the Year in 2022’ from the Korean Ministry of Culture and was recently named as one of the ten ‘Stage sensations to watch out for in 2023’ by The Guardian.

We are constantly exposed to piles of information through social media that put us in a structured condition – our minds and bodies feel trapped in specific frames, leading us towards confusion, crisis and dysfunction. Our bodies become absent.