Michèle Ettori & Fabien Delisle

Bollì Bollì


⟶ Sunday 10 March, 7pm
Sa Manifattura, Cagliari

Dance and music have always been in dialogue.
Symbiotic and openly independent, the approaches of contemporary dance choreographers are different.

Michèle Ettori and Fabien Delisle explore this dialogue between movement and the world of sound.
The dance body today is no longer silent: it can produce live sounds, explore breath and voice.
A journey through the states of the body, consciousness and imagination, between the past (of our racing identity) and the present.

The sound and music of Bollì Bollì are a combination of different sources: archives of the ethnomusicologist Félix Quilici, naturalistic recordings and music played live; in detail, it is a transmission triggered by Michèle Ettori during
her dance, on pads placed on the ground.
This installation is the heart of the scenography, constituting both a play space and a visual and musical score where times are evoked through hands and feet.

The act of creation is set in a context of insularity: the strong presence of natural elements and the lack of adequate work spaces generate a series of works that question the relationship between nature and culture.

Choreography and interpretation: Michèle Ettori
Sound design, live music and interpretation: Fabien Delisle

Duration: 45 min