Meg Stuart & Francisco Camacho

Artistic Residence

6-23/11/2023, Cagliari


⟶ from 6th – 23rd November 2023
Artedanza – Il Balletto di Cagliari, Cagliari

Meg Stuart and Francisco Camacho met in New York, when she was working there and he was studying. Camacho participated in Disfigure Study, the choreographer’s first international success, in 1991. In 2007, Meg Stuart choreographed BLESSED, a solo with and for Camacho, which has had more than a hundred performances and is considered an iconic work of contemporary dance. For Stuart, Camacho was also the performer and co-creator of the site-specific project ‘All together now’, host of the Lisbon and Moscow editions of the improvisation project Crash-landing and assistant to the more recent ‘Until our hearts stop’ and ‘Cascade’. The creation of a solo choreographed by Francisco Camacho with the performance of Meg Stuart marks a new chapter in the partnership between Camacho and Stuart’s artistic structures, EIRA and Damaged Goods, with the roles of choreographer and performer reversed with respect to the previous mode of collaboration. The residency in Sardinia, promoted with Fuorimargine, will lay the foundations of the choreographic research for this new work, activating the imagination of both through the anthropological richness, ethnographic diversity and landscape contrasts of this unique place. There will be a strong investment in choreographic writing and movement research, with a focus on different modalities and registers of presence, in a close and symbiotic relationship with the spatial context and the materiality of the stage elements.


There are three master classes with Meg Stuart & Francisco Camacho on the 8th, 15th and 22nd of November, open to professional and advanced dancers, hosted by Artedanza – Il Balletto di Cagliari; for information tel: 333 343 4144/

Choreography: Francisco Camacho
Co-created with and performed by: Meg Stuart
Production: Damaged Goods, EIRA