Trifoglio (Marta Bellu, Donato Epiro, Andrea Sanson)


28-29/10/2023, Cagliari


⟶ Saturday 28 October, 9pm
⟶ Sunday 29 October, 7pm
Sa Manifattura, Cagliari


ACQUITRINI is a musical, choreographic, visual reflection on places and ecosystems on the boundary between the terrestrial and aquatic environment.

Ecosystems that are isolated and only apparently static but rich in life, such as marshes, swampy areas.
The meeting place between water and land is the liminal surface where reflection takes place, a pierced space of language that brings together simultaneous worlds in a completely natural way. Water is a fertile multiplier of images, it participates in the process generative process of organic forms and the metamorphosis of abstract and geometric elements into living forms, refracted in a liquid, extended body that holds together the same as that which keeps itself different.

Water is at once appearance and living matter, there is a living that inhabits appearance and an appearance that allows the living to exist and multiply.

Water crosses images, interrogates vision and regenerates it by opening up new planes of the possible: you can see at will the motionless seabed or the current, the shoreline or infinity. You can see one object in another, you can witness living geometries and the inversion of objects and beings.

Choreography and dance: Marta Bellu
Music: Donato Epiro
Lighting: Andrea Sanson
Project assistance: Angela Burico
In collaboration with: Vulcano Studio
Co-production: Versiliadanza, Fuorimargine – Production Centre for Dance and Performing Arts of Sardinia, with the support of Fondazione Armunia, S’ala e Ramdom, Kora – Centro del Contemporaneo, in collaboration with Associazione A Corpo Vivo.

Duration: 60′