Trifoglio (Marta Bellu, Donato Epiro, Andrea Sanson)


02/05/2024, Pescara

⟶ Thursday May 2, 10am (for schools)
⟶ Thursday May 2, 9pm
Spazio Matta, Pescara

Acquitrini is a musical, choreographic and visual reflection on places and ecosystems on the borderline between the terrestrial and aquatic environment. Ecosystems suspended in their own apparent stillness but rich in life and movement. The meeting place between water and land is the liminal surface where reflection takes place, a pierced space of language that brings together simultaneous worlds in a completely natural way.

Water is a fertile multiplier of images, participating in the generative process of organic forms and the metamorphosis of abstract and geometric elements into living forms, reflected in a liquid, extended body.

Water is simultaneously appearance and living matter, there is a living being that inhabits appearance and an appearance that allows the living being to exist and multiply.

Water crosses images, interrogates vision and regenerates it by opening up new planes of the possible: you can see at will the motionless bottom or the current, the shore or infinity, remain on the surface or sink. You can see one object in another, you can witness the birth of living geometries and the inversion of objects and beings.

Acquitrini is a search within language, of which liquidity is a generative and compositional principle. The images of which water is the material have the entity of dissolution, they have the capacity to inter-permeate forms while keeping them intact, allowing a fluid language to traverse the space and structure of the composition.

A continuous flow of dissolved images, molecules, light, currents and sound where things float freely between presence and absence. A place where to trace the coexistence of a simultaneity of presences, where to maintain the same in its refracting into what is always different.

Trifoglio’s project finds inspiration in the environment as an original, complex system in which we live in a relationship of co-creation and continuous evolution. Reflecting on the concepts of ecology, biodiversity and landscape, our research consists in making dance, sound and light dialogue in order to create new ecosystems in balance within places of elsewhere. While maintaining their specificity and identity, these elements interpenetrate, seeking levels of complexity and fluidity in the language and structure of the composition.

Trifoglio consists of: Marta Bellu (dancer, choreographer and psychologist), investigates language in dialogue with musical composition, in particular the relationship between body, sound and light, as contemplative, visual and spatial objects.

Donato Epiro: (biologist, composer and multi-instrumentalist musician) focuses his research on the relationship between sound and the natural environment, interweaving ecological, anthropological and fantastic themes.

Andrea Sanson: (light designer and set designer), investigates a system that is not only visual but also sound/choreographic, a language linked to mechanical components and the fluidity of technology that leads to the creation of living fabrics, constellations of light sources in motion and in constant relationship with sound

Choreography and dance: Marta Bellu
Music: Donato Epiro
Lighting: Andrea Sanson
Project assistance: Angela Burico
In collaboration with: Vulcano Studio
Co-production: Versiliadanza, Fuorimargine – Production Centre for Dance and Performing Arts
performing arts of Sardinia, with the support of Fondazione Armunia, S’ala e
Ramdom, Kora – Centro del Contemporaneo, in collaboration with Associazione A
Corpo Vivo.

Duration: 60′