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Zilì – a word by which goats are called in the dialect of Val Bregaglia (Canton Graubünden, Switzerland) – wants to be a time for meeting and listening, a space for playing with large and small bodies together, a moment of immersion in the soundscape of the herd.

At first just one, then two, a few, many. The wind shifts the sound, hides it. Where are the bells?

In the woods, in the open pasture, at the top. They are still, moving. They rest, they run in the rain, they eat quietly, they are in search of the softest grass. Between actions, waiting and games, the body of a performer suggests to the other bodies present – without the need for words – possibilities of movement, perspectives, imagination. The bodies of adults can thus become small mountains to climb, trees to shelter under when it rains, caves to explore. Observing together how sounds take up space and body, direct the gaze and attention, we set off to discover ever new dynamics of movement. What changes in bodies, in thoughts, in being together, if the soundscape in which we are immersed changes?

By and with: Alice Ruggero
In collaboration with: Leo Merati and Monica Serra
Sound curation Glauco Salvo
Project tutor: Andrea Buzzetti
Production: Fuorimargine – Centre for Dance and Performing Arts Production
With the support of Sardegna Teatro, Tuttestorie Festival, Periferie artistiche – Centre of multidisciplinary residency of Regione Lazio 2023, CURA Centro Umbro Residenze Artisiche/Micro Teatro Terra Marique, bando Mondi Immaginari

Duration 40 minutes
Age 9/36 months and 3/5 years


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